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To me? Anything "less than" joyful yes is not joyful yes.

"No" is not a "joyful yes"
A "maybe" is not a "joyful yes"
An "I'm not sure if it is maybe" is not a "joyful yes."

Any of those then has to be a NO vote because they are not a joyful yes.

Could not RUSH into life changing decisions and you agree to sign this thing after just getting the kerfuffle settled back down. You can always do it later right? Does not have to be this instant.

Could investigate the law further before the move and before committing to such a thing -- Snowflake is NOT a step parent (legally) because she is not married to your wife. You are. What's the legal standing on that? What are the rights then? Could they apply together anyway and have it be accepted without your input? Are you going to be held to something against your will if they apply without you? Can it be accepted?
It's a valid concern given recent history. Could check out all your options.

And if it turns up YES, they can do that and it could be accepted... Does that affect your decision to move there if you would now be under this other country's laws?


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