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@LeeLee: To reiterate/clarify, we have zero intentions of moving forward until she knows what's going on in her current situation. And even then will have to move slowly. Just would end up making things more of a mess.

@NyC: She's said that much of it is the usual (and these are her words) "I don't want to lose you, don't want to be less "special", etc". When she thinks about it, she feels those feelings are foolish and the reaction was more gut at first (and she was also dealing with a great deal of other stresses at that time). We continue to discuss it between each other and also have included the potential other in the conversations. They continue to be rather high level to keep things simple at this time and we are all still continuing to hang out as friends as we always have. So, to me, this is promising if things were to ever evolve.
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