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Default It's been a while

Itís been a long while since I last posted, a lot has happened in the past few months.
I still read the blogs, but have not been posting anything.

Chipmunk is moved out, Airyn sees her once or twice a week for a few hours a week. Airyn and I are reconnecting, working things out between us. Even though he is currently "seeing" her they are not as serious as before. No sex, no talking about getting married, him moving in with her, and that sort of thing.

There's a big long story behind where things stand now, but I'm not feeling like getting into all that.

It's time to move on, move forward, let go of the past. Learn from the hurt so to speak. It's not been easy to get where things stand right now, and moving forward from here will be difficult. There is less fighting, and arguing at home. Wolf is less stressed, and is enjoying her new room.

We are planing to paint it in colors (mostly) of her choosing. I'll be making her some spiffy curtains (once we get the paint on the walls). After a bit of work I'll have a hobby room, and a table to sew at. I haven't had a space/place for my hobbies in well longer then I care to admit. My hobby things will soon no longer be hiding in totes, and closets, and storage spaces.

More when I have time.
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Wolf: my Daughter with Airyn
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