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Originally Posted by El186 View Post
. . . she just seems to DRIVE ME CRAZY! She is everywhere I go...every corner I turn she is there...everytime I get up to go to the bathroom she is there....every meal she is there....the ONLY time she is NOT there is when we are either holed up in our room or gone! And now she has started to come up to the room more often, telling him that she is jealous that we are up here.
Well, it sure sounds like she is not as okay with his relationship with you as you have been led to believe!

Originally Posted by El186 View Post
OUR room is the only fucking space in the WHOLE house that is "mine". I just go NUTS when I see her in there. She will call us for supper and then if we are not there immediately she will come find us or call again...not giving us time to finish what we are doing. If we are having a fight she will come to the room to see what's wrong and to remind us to be quiet, because it upsets the kids. But SHE yells at THEM ALL DAY LONG! THAT drives me INSANE when she comes up in the middle of a disagreement. I feel like I have to leave "my own house" just to be able to argue with him. It is just SO hard.
Isn't it her house, not yours? It seems she has been relegated to being the cook and nanny, and you think she's perfectly content with that. Obviously, she's not. Does she clean up after you as well? Wash the sheets after you and he have been fucking? Her husband doesn't involve himself with his own damn children, keeps a mistress in HER house, whom she makes dinner for and agreed to not have sex with just to make you happy, and has to listen to her husband and mistress fucking and arguing. And you whine about not having quiet or him to yourself. Wow.
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