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I'm currently a stay at home mom with no license (mine expired, havent gotten it redone yet).

John works 6pm to 6am, sleeps from 7am to 2pm.

She goes to school and works an odd schedule.

Time management is going to be enough of a hassle without having me have to leave (ie find someone to pick me up for a few hours) Especially since I know so few people here and my best friend here is undergoing cancer treatment.

My license renewal will happen at the end of the month and my new job starts next month, so this should only be a temporary thing. John may even go back to regular hours (5:30 - 5) soon.

I hadnt really thought about how temporary this should be. I should be able to handle at max 9 times with my meds. If for some reason it goes longer, I can reevaluate my options then.
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