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Originally Posted by pollyanna View Post
ok, i'll bite...what's a cowgirl?
A cowgirl is someone who gets involved with a poly person but really only wants them to herself. She attempts to "lasso" her love interest and "herd" him or her away from and out of their marriage or poly situation. They are usually very manipulative, since getting this person to shed their other relationship(s) is their main goal. This can be done in a number of ways. A few examples: badmouthing the primary partner, having hissy fits about what they're not getting from the relationship, making demands about how their SO conducts his/her OTHER relationships, or just finding ways to co-opt most of their target's time. There are cowboys, too, but it seems cowgirls are more common. Basically, they profess to be poly but are really mono and will only be satisfied if they are either the only one or #1.
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