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Originally Posted by El186 View Post

I guess if I am to depend on MYSELF for my OWN happiness and to do what I need to do to make that happen, then I need to take any response from him out of the picture. Basically telling myself to accept it the way it is, find a way within myself to "like" it or get out of it and start over. Am I understanding that correctly?
Having been in similar (not the cowgirl part but the isolation, lack of space, no privacy, missing my child etc) circumstances that was the choice I needed to make and at the end I left. BEST choice I ever made, my life made an 180 degree turn, my physical, mental and emotional health came right back and since then one of the two most happiest events of my life has happened.
Don't let yourself be a victim of the relationship you are in, you can't change him, but you can change you!!!

Despite my cynicism and my general sarcasm, I am a very happy woman, I am not disillusioned with Poly, I just made some very bad choices for my wellbeing but that does not mean I needed to suffer with them for the rest of my days!!!!!!!!!!!
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