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Question Coming out of the closet?

A while back, my husband and I separated following his affair. He ended things with her, and we got back together about three months later. Seeing him grieve for her was an eye-opening experience for me, and when he asked me about trying an open relationship, I agreed to consider it quite seriously because I care deeply for him. I began to see that he has always been poly, and since we got together young, he didn't have a chance to figure that out on his own.

I read up, and interviewed some friends who have open relationships, and observed their interactions for about 6 months. In the end, I agreed that with some rules in place to protect my feelings, he could have some flexibility to see other people as well.

Since then, and totally unexpectedly, I crushed on a mutual friend of ours, and the relationship has turned romantic and sexual. My husband is very supportive, and I am enjoying the experience so far.

My best friend, however, doesn't know. She's shown judgemental attitude toward this kind of lifestyle before, and I didn't mention it to her before because I thought it was just going to be my husband playing with others, and that's really none of her business. Keeping the fact that I have a boyfriend from her is awkward, but I am afraid of her reaction.

Does anyone have a similar experience, or words of advice to share?
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