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Thank you kitkat for sharing your experience. It's very helpful.

Well, the husband and I were laying in bed and he asked me what was on my mind and to be honest. Since h asked I felt like it was a good opportunity since he seemed like he was being receptive. I told him not to take it personal and it's nothing he does wrong and I love him but I still am interested in an open marriage. This is a topic we've discussed several times (before marriage and after) so it's not a new thing I just thought of. He expressed how he felt saying he hoped it wasn't something he did wrong. It's not at all. He said he's very open to the idea, even the idea of sharing a partner. We agreed we would sit down again and discuss boundaries and what is and isn't ok. He even went as far as being ok with another guy and knowing about it as long as he's respectful and understands the whole situation.

It was an awkward conversation to have but I'm glad we did. I really thought it would go differently and I'm shocked at how open he was with it.
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