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When my husband and I started our polyamous relationship it was because I fell in live with my partner now. My husband was open enough to try it out because he didn't want to lose me, not that I wanted to leave, and he thought that it would be good to try. The biggest issue we had was that my husband felt like he wasn't enough and I told him its impossible for one person to meet every need that you have. Like with your husband not being a talker n such. My other partner is transgender and I treat her like a female. The things I get from her my husband can't give to me because he is male and because its not him.

The point I am getting at you need to be completely open about this, no beating around the bush. Then you need to explain that you are happy with him and don't want to leave him but you would like someone else that does things he does not. Try to be very logical with it, so that it can be clear. Maybe even ask your husband what things he would like that you don't do. That way you can make it a full circle to show him that there are things he would benefit/enjoy from other partner.

I am unsure how you plan on doing this if it happens, but the way my husband and set it up was that my partner started off as a secondary. My husband was number #1. In reality he still is, but my gf is now a primary like my husband but my husband always comes first.

I hope that helps
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