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Originally Posted by Dirtclustit View Post
So what exactly is an "attitude of ENTITLEMENT" ?

I have never read of any couples who come here implying they are entitled to anything. That type of talk is far more than stretch to read into someone's words, especially when they are simply stating what they are looking for. That's only a shy hair away from the crap that Poly Veaux Francis posts, like tearing into people who post tips on how to avoid situations rapists are known to exploit and having the nerve to read that as "victim blaming"

I get that you have a lot of personal connotation hidden in your words that never get directly addressed, but as I see it, if you can't mention it directly it pretty much means YOU don't have the right bitch and moan
Ok, i just typed up an answer to all this and suddenly my ipod turned against me and closed the browser. It is not worth it to me to write it all again because i have decided that all you want is to be offended, not to have a productive discussion like the rest of us are doing. You get a limited amount of credit for starting the thread, but frankly ( no pun intended), you are the one who goes around lecturing, scolding, and "attacking" people while not contributing anything except pages and pages of psychobabble. I see no benefit in responding to your posts, therefore this will be the last time i do so. it is a waste of time to try to understand your meandering, stream-of-unconsciousness style, and even when it seems to sort of make sense, it's still all WTF.

That is all.

The End.

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