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Default A day late and a dollar short

So N really crossed a line of my personal space, then wouldnt give me anytime to think about things, so hes out of the picture. breaking rules involving my body and my desires when I have been abused and raped in the past does not bode well for a relationship.

So as for M, things are going good so far with John and her... and I have a crush on her bad!

She's never done more than kiss a girl so I'm taking it slow with her, but I'm hopeful that she will see how awesome I am and want to be with me too. Shes already agreed to threesomes, kissing, and touching, but I'm letting her choose when to make a new move. Its no fair that john and I have the exact same taste in women.

Am I hopeful that she is a unicorn, yes, were we looking for that? no. I've still got R. And I'll have him forever.
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