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Originally Posted by Ssandra View Post
I sat down with her yesterday, and she agreed with me. For some reason my husband is terrified of spending time with the both of us at the same time.

I get that it might be uncomfortable for a bit, but I personally think that the sooner we all get over that, the better.
I just had to share. When I started with my two boyfriends, they were best friends for over seven years, and I had been with each of them monogamously. (we were like the three musketeers)

I was terrified of being with them together, after I started seeing both of them. We formed the vee in January, and we were not all together until christmas eve. Furthermore, it was at his mom's! I was completely freaked out. And five minutes after I arrived, it was fine. I was a perfectly lovely holiday dinner/evening.

So, maybe it will help him to hear my story. Even people who are already very good friends can get freaked out about this. So worth it to do it, and normalize it, and get on with being happy and not feeling guilty.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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