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Default Mr. Assumptions Himself

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
My pet peeve about unicorn hunters is that they have this notion of how it MUST be and then they moan and wail when they caaaaan't fiiiiiind someone waaah!!!!!! This after deciding they "are poly" two months ago and being on OK Cupid for like a week.

There are other things to roll one's eyes about when it comes to this "perfect triad" stuff, but it's the attitude of ENTITLEMENT that makes me vomit in my mouth just a little bit each time.

So what exactly is an "attitude of ENTITLEMENT" ?

I have never read of any couples who come here implying they are entitled to anything. That type of talk is far more than stretch to read into someone's words, especially when they are simply stating what they are looking for. That's only a shy hair away from the crap that Poly Veaux Francis posts, like tearing into people who post tips on how to avoid situations rapists are known to exploit and having the nerve to read that as "victim blaming"

I get that you have a lot of personal connotation hidden in your words that never get directly addressed, but as I see it, if you can't mention it directly it pretty much means YOU don't have the right bitch and moan
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