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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
MY issue with Unicorn hunters are they are forcing couple privilege upon someone else. Meaning that most of the time the primary union comes first and you play by our rules or else.

The situation seems to come with a mile long list of rules..

You can only date both of us...
You can only see us every 3rd Saturday..
If so and so gets jealous you can be kicked out..
Our life events are more important than yours...
You have to have sex with both of us together...
Husband has to watch....
Your life has to revolve around us...

Blah blah blah.. There is no room for relationships to grow organically at its own pace.
You have to have sex with both of us, yes, that's a fucked up thing to do. But I also view it as fucked up to ridicule or attempt to humiliate a couple because they are looking for a third, even if they only want a third who they can see as a couple. It does work out for some people, and I have also seen it work it when the "unicorn" isn't attracted to the female but they still continue all other aspects of the relationship just not threesome sex.
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