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Mags- all my partners were and are understanding but I can only ask for so much time and patience. I was finding that I was not giving them the standard of attention I feel is enough for them. I like to give my all and in doing that I lost memory, was stressed out, not doing well at work, lost track of myself and those around me. Everything was an effort and done half ass. It wore on me and I became someone I don't like. Its been slowly getting worse over a year now. Something had to give.

Yesterday I delivered a hanging basket to my my ex wife's mum for mothers day. She had me buy one and deliver it. I can't remember a time I did an errand like that in full consciousness and in full attention. Every moment of it I was aware of what I was doing. It been too long that I have had enough focus to do such an errand. I haven't had time or energy to give in that way for way to long.
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