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Now I am starting to talk to others and he has told me that he doesn't think he is poly. He is okay with me having sex with others but the thought of me having an "intimate" relationship bothers him.

I just don't know what to do.
You could reflect what you just heard him say he wants for himself back to him to clarify.

You could tell him what YOU want for yourself at this point in time. And you could both sort it out between you and propose solutions for how to deal with it.

"Thank you for telling me where you are at. This is what I think I heard:

1) You have decided you are monoamorous after all? Are you wanting YOU to be polysexual or YOU want monosexual with just me?

2) You are ok with ME being polysexual with others. You are not OK with my being polyamorous with others. Is that a hard limit or a soft limit?

3) I want this ________ at this time. Let's discuss and if not now, then set a time to discuss more deeply.

Agenda: What are suggestion for making this work between us? Here's mine. (If he didn't have to consider or deal with YOU having others before... could consider one possible approach.)

If we cannot agree or that's a hard limit for you when I want polyamorous relationships, then we could talk about how to best part ways."

What else is there?


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