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I am new here and just saw your post. I do not want to go into ALL the problems I am having but I have been in a V relationship for almost 3 years now...I am the secondary. For 2 1/2 years we kept it a secret from everyone. I live in another country now, so it is easy to keep it quiet from my family, but about 6 months ago the wifes parents found out by accident and made a big stink of it...calling HIS parents who made a big stink out of it. It was TERRIBLE being a secret, but it was MUCH better than it is now. Now they all hate me. They are always talking to the wife, trying to fill her head with crap to get her to leave and always asking the kids about our homelife. I am not sure if that is part of the problem or not, but I was FAIRLY ok with the whole poly thing until then. The last 6 months all I have done is wish I was married to the man. His wife is still invited to all the family events, but I, of course am not. So he does not go either, but she will go without us. I often feel that if we were married that they would respect me as his wife and we would get the invites and she would too as the mother of their children. It just makes me NUTS....and has done NOTHING but cause trouble. So while I am not telling you NOT to come out....just know that it has a whole set of problems all its own. Good luck.
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