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Default Am I just not meant for this lifestyle?

So, I think I've made about three threads here so far. They've all dealt with my anxiety, insecurity and fear over my wife starting a relationship. While this all started out as my idea, it's now something she is totally on board with, and I just have been a wreck. Sometimes I'm cool with things: My wife has a friend that she makes out with. No big deal! Other times, I freak: My wife is more interested in this new guy than me. He is cutting into my place with her. She thinks about him more than me. Etc. etc.

Every time I come to terms with things, something sets me off and I go into panic mode again. I've read and I've read. I've talked and 've talked. I understand the nature of jealousy and the thoughts they produce. I trust my wife. But, if I'm this crazy about it, how do I know if this just is something I'm not cut out for? How do I tell my wife? Is this fear and doubt a phase? How do I know if I need to really work hard on putting the brakes on this, or if this is right for me and my wife and I should continue with coping and working towards the happiness that was originally what I/she/we set out for?

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