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Well, after reading so many posts, books, and articles over the last couple weeks that my head hurts and my eyes are bugging out, I've decided to take a step back from the poly table. My GF and I still hope this is something we can revisit at a later time, but too many things I read, especially in some of the linked articles in this thread, resonated with me, and in a bad way. It seems that poly is and is not many things I thought it wasn't and is, if that makes sense. I still maintain that the message could have been conveyed in a less sarcastic and condescending manner, but I still appreciate those who took the time to read and chime in.

I just have one parting question:
In most monogamous relationships, rules and jealousy are the norm, in a way. That is, there is usually a mindset that, if one person cheats, it will cause intense jealousy in the other person, and will probably cause the end of the relationship. There is, therefore, a spoken or unspoken rule to remain faithful. However, I get the impression, from most of the responses in this thread, that rules and jealousy are always bad things. How do you reconcile this view with monogamy? Do monogamists "have it wrong"?

But for now, I'm going to go do some serious thinking and soul searching. Till next time....
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