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Originally Posted by pollyanna View Post
it feels wrong to me, too, that he is hiding. Is there any way you can all three sit down and discuss that there is no need for secrecy?

I sat down with her yesterday, and she agreed with me. For some reason my husband is terrified of spending time with the both of us at the same time.

I get that it might be uncomfortable for a bit, but I personally think that the sooner we all get over that, the better.

Since she will be around my baby as well, we are all going to take a first aid course together in 3 weeks. Hopefully after that things will be more normal again.

He is spending today (and yesterday night) with her, so I haven't had a chance to talk with him yet. Depending on when he comes home, it will be either tonight or tomorrow evening.

I'm being patient though. Besides the very heavy NRE they have going on (which is SO CUTE to see!) they are both dealing with some very heavy cultural conditioning, which I don't have. So, I'm giving them the time to enjoy themselves, have their honeymoon time, and get to terms with the situation, little by little.
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