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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
LOL! I think Mag, that may be because they were both here sharing about it, so it was a safe one to discuss.

I know I have talked more about my sex life with Maca than with GG, because Maca was on here and he discussed it-but GG is rarely here and I didn't want him to feel I was sharing our private life publicly, behind his back.
This is one reason I stopped using my "real" fake name(s) on some publicly-visible forums. Even though it's not the name on my ID (or my super-ego), people we know would recognize it. They may not search for it because of "polyamory", but they might search for it about other things, some of which over-lap with my partners' and their partners' circles of associates and friends. That's also a reason why I talk about these individuals using gender-ambiguous nouns and pronouns.

(I know I told you (LR) this elsewhere, but I was just quoting it because it's sort of the same thing. It wasn't directed AT you, or any specific individual.)

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