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Unhappy This is why.....

I don't post that much. This righteous dislike of so called unicorn hunters. I am married and bisexual. I do have this ideal of a long term poly-fi situation. We are not practicing as yet because I am the type of person who needs to research before I can start a new situation. So when I entered the site of I thought I was coming to the best place to learn about how to begin this journey of ours in an honest and ethical way. I don't really post because I ran into the wall on unicorn hunter right off the bat. I want the third person for our relationship and am willing to work or it. But on this site just saying that is what I want and willing to work for it gets me attacked. I know she will be a person in her own right and have no interest in turning her into property. And I can't answer the what would you to questions because my reaction to any given situation would revolve entirely around said situation. I just think there had to be a better way to discuss the pitfalls without accusing people we don't know.
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