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I'm sorry leelee, i re read my last post when i went to correct something in it, and what i should have explained (which i am doing now instead of editing the other post) is that it doesn't make sense for you to be engaging these people who are straightforward about wanting "just sex, no emotional involvement" and then wondering why you can't "spend time with" the guy. It's like you're going shopping for an electric weed-whacker, but the salesperson only shows you gas-powered lawnmowers, you say "o-ok... I'll give it a try", and you get it home, can't use it, and go on the manufacturer's website to complain about how their gas-powered lawnmowers don't have a cord to plug into an electrical outlet!

A gas-powered lawnmower is a gas-powered lawnmower, no matter how much you want it to be an electrically-powered weed-whacker! If you want an electrically-powered weed-whacker, go buy an electrically-powered weed-whacker! The salesperson doesn't care what you WANT, they are just there to sell you their product and make a commission!

tl;dr. Just because a stranger on the internet emails you out of nowhere bugging you to fuck her husband or boyfriend OMG RIGHT NAO TONITE!!!!!!!!11!!~ doesn't mean you HAVE to answer, let alone complain about why they don't want a "self-contained, emotionally UNRESTRICTED relationship with a male hinge".

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