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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
If sexuality ever becomes this normalized for me, please shoot me. I like the pedestal I have placed it on. For me personally it gives it depth, meaning and purpose. I don't fuck just to fuck nor do I use it as a bonding agent in relationships or a recreational past time. I like the fact that it is something I share very restrictively. But that's me...and we all know I am one freaky dude

Peace and love...but no sex Unless your name is Redpepper
I must be one freaky dude too.....

SHIT-I'm not a dude!

GS-I DO see your point. I don't care one whit about a sex party.

I guess the part for me is that I don't consider sex=love or love=sex.

So I wouldn't call a sex party a multiple-love party.

On this note (there was SO much...argument? discussion? not sure) about this differentiation before, and I haven't stopped perusing my own self over it.

I used to "sleep around" quite a bit. Didn't bother me and I know others who do-and that doesn't bother me either.

The key difference is that we don't call it love-we call it GREAT SEX (or so-so sex, or lousy sex depending on what fits on each occassion).
We're cool with anyone having (preferably great) sex with anyone else as they wish.

Having watched Avatar-I thought the "not people" in that movie had a GREAT concept of love compared to people. They saw it as being pertinent to an energy source that connected ALL. Not all "people", ALL, all animals, people, plants etc. It was all interconnected.

When I have sex, well that "interconnection to the "energy source" that connects all life-well it isn't necessarily there. BUT when I love-it always is.......
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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