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Originally Posted by leelee22 View Post

Because Iím mostly straight, Iím not looking for a true triad. I am looking for a ďvĒ. I would be very open to friendly communication with the woman at the other arm of the ďvĒ, and to spending occasional social time with the couple. But I donít want to be a coupleís tag-along sexual playmate!

What I WOULD like is to have a self-contained, emotionally UNRESTRICTED relationship with a male hinge (I donít care if his paramour is a man or a woman). Fully disclosed to his other partner, conducted in good faith, with the goal of not detracting in any way from their relationship.

Is this something that doesnít exist, or is not possible? This man (the womanís partner who I talked to on the phone) seemed to think that itís a totally unreasonable expectation. Is he right?
Not unreasonable. It is the situation I'm in now, and the only logical thing to do, for me. I'm the wife, my husband has a girlfriend who he is head over heals in love with (so cute!), and her and I get along great as just friends.

I do think it is important that me and anyone else get along, because I cannot imagine not knowing or being able to hang out with someone who is that important to my husband. But it has nothing to do with controlling or limiting feelings!
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