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Similar to you-took a bit longer.

But, I made commitments to myself much as you stated. What I didn't do was give it a time frame per se to myself. I did ask Maca to give it 6 months before deciding if he was leaving or not.
At 6 months he decided not, but it took another 2 years for that decision to really be concrete.

I wasn't the first woman to betray him, in fact, every woman in his life has except his daughters. So trust was already an issue for him.

However-we have finally gotten to the point where trust has been built or rebuilt and things are good.

The biggest contributors (imho) are:

A) I took full responsibility for my actions
B) GG took full responsibility for his
C) we both committed to complete honesty and transparency
D) we kept to that (which is sometimes hard)
E) Maca was willing to watch until he could fully trust again
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