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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I'd base it on who was most interested. If they were equally interested, then who I'd spent less time with recently, since we could use the opportunity to catch up a little.
I also include my friends in this list to determine who to invite. My romantic partners don't get preferential treatment over my friends and vice verse (in anything, really). They are people I care about and want to spend time with; I am just physically intimate with my romantic partners from time to time. If I'm going to a gaming convention, for example, IV isn't the person that will get invited... it'll be one of my gaming buddies.

It's funny, there is a freethought group in Dallas I go hang out with periodically and they always ask me "Where is IV?". I've taken her to an event or two so they have all met her and like her, and since we're dating I should obviously bring her along. I just shrug my shoulders and tell the truth, "She's at home I guess, not sure". The confused looks I get are priceless.
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