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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Going to a swingers event is different for me in that I don't know anyone. Just bodies there for the same reason. Some swingers know each other but in the context of we know each other in order to have sex with each other. I know my poly friends in order to talk about poly, get to know them as people and explore the possibility of moving that relationship further with some. Maybe my friend is moving that possibility further with the whole group? Maybe they are ready for that too? Apparently so...
So if swinging is sex without pretense
poly is love without the requirement of sex (but can obviously be inclusive)

What are those people called who identify as poly and want to have an environment of people they know to have sex with? If I knew the group that sounds like an ideal setup to maybe expand your friends. Then again I am about the pickiest person I know for who I have sex with, I have never had a random 1 off.

I identify closer to poly than I do to swinging, because the randomness and chaos of a swinger party (never been only going by descriptions) sounds annoyingly like a keg party. I have been to those and random act of sex is something I am not capable of.
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