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but something more like assuming all unicorn hunters will treat a third person as if they are nothing more than a casual sex partner, or assuming that if they do, that it isn't desired without first asking for clarification is foolish.

There are a lot of dic s running around the internet who spend time being extremely subtle assholes rather than just coming out and speaking their grievance. All it does is breed animosity and creates problems as opposed to solving them.

If something is personal, just come right out and say it, I have personal problems with people who exhibit the behavior and attitude of people like Mr. Veaux, not only due to my personal experience, but because I believe that being subtle in general when there is absolutely no reason to not be direct is nothing but instigating unnecessary drama. It gets especially old when it comes from people who champion being blunt and honest when much of their behavior online is anything but that.

I have absolutely nothing against anyone's views on how to do non-monogamy right or wrong in any flavor. But doing or treating people wrong against their consent or being hyper critical of others then being hypocritical shows either stupidity or lack of integrity or both.

If a dentist royally fucks up and drills down through nerves and into bone, he would lack intelligence and integrity if he refused to accept his responsibility for gross incompetence. Insulting the person in the chair after such an pseudo-amatuer job is unbelievable.

Regardless though, that is just the way some people are, and I can't change that, I can however remove myself from the situation

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