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Default I know I am hard to understand in my writing

I guess the shortest way to say it is, nobody should ever feel ridiculed for their preferred kink, it can cause severe emotional damage and destruction in a person's life when they are self conscious or have otherwise unhealthy views about their sexuality.

In regards to a person's sexuality, the only definitive or always wrong scenarios have to do with children, not getting explicit consent, and abuse of power and position to wrongly get consent, and of course using lies or half truths that prevent those involved from being fully knowledgeable. So unless a person or people are engaging in any of the previously mentioned wrong ways to experience sexuality, you really have to be careful about jumping to conclusions about wrong and right when it comes to the dynamic among people involved in relationships that include sex.

Specifically, bashing people who may or may not be involved in casual, sexual relationships or implying that such relationships are wrong, is a fairly insensitive thing to do without having all the details. It is only wrong if the unicorn does not desire to engage in sex like that. There are responsible ways to engage in even casual sex, so that casually, sex can be experienced in healthy ways, however when only meaningful or otherwise not at all casual sex is desired, then there is nothing that will make casual sex a healthy sexual experience for that person. So knowing what kind of experience a person desires is very important.

When dealing with sexuality, it really is impossible to label behaviors as right and wrong without knowing specific details (desire, knowledge, consent, legal age, etc...) the few exceptions being age and incest. It is my opinion that couples looking to open there relationships to very specific situations are bashed and ridiculed on this site.

Yes, some couples mislead unicorns, but from my experience many unicorns mislead couples, so I would be just as weary to bash a couple as I would a "unicorn" and I wish people would show more respect for other's views on sexuality. I am not stating that anybody is wrong, this is a not a publicly owned site. I am trying to decide if this is a site that I am either in or out or place being here.

I see a huge difference between offering advice with the intent being to be helpful, and on the other hand bashing a person and or ridiculing the style of relationship they are seeking because it is not your cup of tea.

If my frustration in my writing isn't clear, I am frustrated by people who are tech savy, and use there skills to manipulate public perception in regards to general consensus or opinion. Stating your individual opinion about a topic from multiple accounts, so that one person's opinion appears as many, is a manipulation that I feel any and all sites could do without. It tends to put undeserved power and control into the hands of people it should not be in, as all it takes to maintain complacency among a group is to make them believe their opinion is a few compared to the many.

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