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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Oh man that's a lot of questions. Some valid and some confusing as the story you read here is not entirely what is reality. There is always so many levels and stories behind stories. I can't put across every aspect of what happens.

More later.
Out of all of your relationships, I think the one with PN is most interesting to me. Not because he's your husband, but because of the apparent stable nature of that relationship which ultimately drifted into 'friends only', parenting only, etc. From your writings earlier in this blog, he struck me as a fairly buddhistic, calm oriented fellow who avoids demonstrating outward passion in general. Which says 'opposite' of you.

Was there ever any passion? Or was he simply there at a time when he fit your wants, and gradually those wants changed into what others had? I am truly curious, and trying to understand the dynamics a little better.
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