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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Ok - so where IS this coffee shop eh ????? <grin>

But you say you'd approach it differently somehow with someone you were "interested" in ?
<<<scratches head>>>
You mean someone you felt some potential romantic connection to ?

So........the 'sex' that you'd potentially have with them (coffee shop) would be different somehow than this other person ? You're going to open your heart more during the act somehow ? Or something ?

Just trying to figure out what exactly you're saying here.....

Love talking to you !
No the sex wouldn't be different or the romantic aspect just that I don't have a need to fuck everyone at the coffee shop just because we hang out together. I feel like this is similar except that we are all identifying as poly. I don't have a need to fuck my friends just because we talk about poly together and identify as such.

Going to a swingers event is different for me in that I don't know anyone. Just bodies there for the same reason. Some swingers know each other but in the context of we know each other in order to have sex with each other. I know my poly friends in order to talk about poly, get to know them as people and explore the possibility of moving that relationship further with some. Maybe my friend is moving that possibility further with the whole group? Maybe they are ready for that too? Apparently so...
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