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Originally Posted by Josie View Post
I retract my previous statement, not ALL relationships are about compromise, but most are. When most people are in long term relationships and their wants/needs clash with one another's they try to find a suitable compromise between the two so that both parties are happy, either that or they break up.
While I disagree, I get what you are saying. We are just talking about two fundamentally different ideas of what constitutes a healthy relationship. You are not alone in disagreeing with me on this... just read through these boards a bit and you'll see that pretty much every time my avatar is on the page, someone is disagreeing with me

Originally Posted by Josie View Post
I guess I meant I wouldn't want to be a relationship with someone who wouldn't want to help me if I was in pain or struggling, that doesn't mean they have to, but that if it was within their own ability they would want to try.
On this we are in complete agreement.
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