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Mixed with my confusion is what Mono says about himself. He says that he never wants to settle with me and if we break up our household he is terrified that we will be forced to look at being primaries in a married/living together sense. He is struggling to catch up with the fact that my relationship with PN has changed and grown to a place where we parent our child and love each other in a different way than he thought.

In the midst of discovering a new way of doing relationships where he is honest and communicating he is struggling with my not having others to fall back on and that he is essentially my only partner. His sense of responsibility in that is overwhelming him and causing him his own anxiety. While he is becoming free he feels he is also becoming tied down. I told him that in my experience that feeling doesn't go away if you add partners to your life. One is not free with more partners. He needs to discover that himself though.
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