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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
I say this non-judgmentally and simply as an observation:

Yes, I think you always dreamed of that. However, it seems as if you saw your "poly family" like a solar system, with yourself as the sun around which the planets (your partners) and their moons (your metamours) revolve. Now it seems as if you're just noticing that everyone has their own little solar system.

I'm not trying to start a debate; this is just the way it looks from what i've read, and what i recall.
No judgement taken.

I was the centre of the solar system. I have been for years. At least my own anyway. I didn't fully realize it was my own and not others as well. The over laps were not as evident.

I always described it as each person having a heart home. The shift in everyone concentrating their love elsewhere right now has rocked my sense of wellbeing within my heart home. Perhaps if it was just one then I would be able to manage, but all of them has been too much. Specifically Mono whom I am the most connected with (well, was). I built myself a soild foundation of ones who love me around me and I have lost faith that they do at the moment.

Last night I was able to glimpse that everything will be okay within my heart home. Concentrating on my own sense of heart home I think will be a big part of healing and grounding again. All while finding compersion for those who are building their own.
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