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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I guess I see it as ... I could have sex with my co-workers, I could have sex with the regulars at the coffee shop I go to, I could have sex with the people at the gym I go to, but do I want to, feel it suits me, feel safe in that, feel like it is how I want to relate to them? Those are the questions I ask myself. If I was interested in someone I would approach it far differently.
Ok - so where IS this coffee shop eh ????? <grin>

But you say you'd approach it differently somehow with someone you were "interested" in ?
<<<scratches head>>>
You mean someone you felt some potential romantic connection to ?

So........the 'sex' that you'd potentially have with them (coffee shop) would be different somehow than this other person ? You're going to open your heart more during the act somehow ? Or something ?

Just trying to figure out what exactly you're saying here.....

Love talking to you !
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