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Haha! Thanks GS. Glad to be of service.

At least we were able to leave the conversation with mutual respect, understanding for each other and more depth to our relationship.

I think for me, and having slept on it, my initial concern was that the party may of been seen as part of another poly group that offers education. I felt uncomfortable with that, but actually it wasn't and apparently that has been rectified and changed on the invite.

I guess I see it as ... I could have sex with my co-workers, I could have sex with the regulars at the coffee shop I go to, I could have sex with the people at the gym I go to, but do I want to, feel it suits me, feel safe in that, feel like it is how I want to relate to them? Those are the questions I ask myself. If I was interested in someone I would approach it far differently.

The first half of the night is a sex toy party and I wonder how much people paid attention to the afterwards part... I got an in detail heads up on that part before hand and others didn't. Its all being handled respectfully in terms of peoples boundaries, just so you know... all thoughts... Still working on it in my head.
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