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Default poly and long distance

I have been in a poly relationship for over 9months. I am married and I am dating a transgender gf. My gf moved in with my husband and I from NY in Dec. Things were little rocky at first, with this being new to everyone but after a couple months we are all really happy.

Well now my gf has to move back to NY for school, we live in Illinois give ya idea of the distance. She will be back for breaks and holidays but I am really sad. Her and i started off dating long distance though, we dated 3 months before even meeting in person. So i know it's doable.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer advice to help? She is take a summer class so i will have three wks before school starts and she will leave. She should be back in August for 2wks before fall classes start again.

I would appreciate any help to help me cope.

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