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My name is Scott, 62, single, handsome, kind, loving, living in Cayucos, working as an electronics designer for my own small startup in LA. Joined this site only moments ago (have not even introduced myself on this forum yet - might even use this post as my introduction). I've been in a few monogamous relationships, presently dating the same woman for a few months now. Though neither of us are actually poly per se, you might say we're poly-curious. I read the great book "Spiritual Polyamory", and it made total sense to me. I admit to being afraid, but am fascinated by the potential for personal growth, especially in regard to my ego.

Anyway, I thought it might be enlightening to converse with others online and in person about the benefits and challenges of polyamory in a safer environment than what conventional social circles might offer. From the books and posts I've read, I'm a bit aware of the differences and similarities between polyamory and swinging.

Thank you,

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