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Originally Posted by rosevett View Post
I have been in both worlds, I speak of this from my experience and maybe that is why when the poly folks involved with a sex-party point their fingers at the swingers with really close play partners I tend to shake my head and wonder why we all can't just get along.

Maybe that is why it is so disagreeable to me - not the fact that it is a polysex party but that some may judge it as better then swinging. LABELS LABELS I know we need them and I hate them.

And I totally get YOUR point and agree.
I've raised the point before about the fine line between the TERMS 'swinging' and 'polyamory' and took the anticipated beating for it. That's ok. People form their oft quoted 'values' and belief systems based on their own personal experience and information they have (chosen) to absorb.
That is their 'truth' by definition.

But this is as good a time as any to express MY position and go wayyyyyyyyy out on a limb by say that I see a lot of pockets of people in various cultures & subcultures that under the banner of "opening their minds" have simply substituted one bucket of dogma for another that they felt better served their desires.
I see a lot of that here on this forum. (no particular individual targeted - if the shoe fits - wear it)

Now THAT should get me whipped in good shape !


PS: RP - you're almost as good at stirring up a bees nest as some people I know I Do love honey !

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