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It is obviously true that it might be the case that none of them would want to go. I should've written that in the first message, that I'm thinking about a situation where all would be willing and able to go. If none of them would want to go, what would I even be asking here then? That would be quite a simple solution.

Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Are you all open and stuff? I am just wondering whether in the case of a wedding for example, would you feel awkward taking one partner to one wedding and another to a different wedding?

In which case I would a) see who is available, b) see who is interested and then if you still have a choice alternate and say I will take X to this one but how about Y to the next event? That is fair.

Let's be honest we are not all into the same thing, one partner might love a party with all your friends from the some sporty game thing, whilst the other would rather have their nails pulled out with tweezers. Not everyone likes weddings and other formal occasions either.

I'm open to almost everyone. If I got an invite from a person who I don't want to be open about poly, I'd go alone. I would never make my partner pretend they're my only partner or that I'm their only one.

I don't think I'd feel awkward taking one person to one wedding and another person to another wedding. That might be quite a good idea actually. I guess I didn't think of that because I don't get invited to formal occasions very often so I've never really been in this situation.

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
2) if you feel that choosing one person because the invitation says "+1" implies a value-judgment about the relationships, you could always opt out of bringing a guest, or you could invite a guest who is a friend instead of a partner.
This is true. If I feel like I can't choose, there's always the choice to go alone or bring a friend.
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