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Default heading into another weekend.

Well it's friday again, wife's "second husband" should be home at some point this evening for the weekend. We are both excited about him coming home and she says he is as well as they have been texting all week. Last weekend he was only able to spend time with him friday night while I was at work. Saturday we went to a party we had been planning on for a long time and sunday evening they normally spend time together however she was not feeling well and time with him kinda got pushed to the side. This week we decided he should get more time with her so tonight we will all be home but she will be spending the night with him to kinda "make up" what happened last weekend. Not sure what we are doing saturday evening but I am sure the 3 of us will go to dinner out and maybe some shopping or perhaps a stop at a club for some fun time...we will play it by ear and sleeping arrangements by ear as well but we know for sure about tonight. I will let everyone know how the weekend went at some point so stay tuned if your interested. We so far have no issues and both get along well with "our girl".
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