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Originally Posted by sortafairytale View Post
Natja- She is the one who has said she is not bi that I was the exception, I mean no offense to her or anyone else by changing my signature. She stated in the break up that women are not her thing, I was her thing and Nails and I as a couple were her thing we just couldn't give her what she wanted.
Sometimes when people have a bad experience with one, it is easy to feel that it is women all around, not just that one woman. So bear that in mind.
Also why have her in your sig anyway, exes who are still in your life (if she was still with your husband for example) that would be different, but she broke up with you both, just remove her.

I don't know how soon I'll get into another relationship with a woman but is something I would be open to in the future.
I hope you will consider looking for a woman without the condition that you come as a package deal, it is a hard ideal to live up, it is hard to maintain and you could very well be in the same position you are in now again over and over.

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