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Default Possible V and some questions.

Hey there! So, we're not overly active on here but jump in from time to time. My wife and I have been involved in a few longer term triads. Nothing super long term, but decent lengths (each over six months). However, there's a possibility of a V forming, with myself being the hinge.

If we opt to continue down this road, it will be completely new to us. My wife is hesitant for, what I would assume, are the general common reasons. Losing me, or losing what we have that's special, etc (Been together nearly 16 years). What I see that we currently have that would help it work is that all three of us get along great. And always have. She hangs out with both of us frequently, will often cuddle with either/both of us when watching movies, etc. She feels my wife is beautiful, sexy, etc...just isn't bi (though she's hinted very mildly at possible interest, though I feel it'd be fairly "surface").

I've always had poly tendencies even in high school as I'd often date two or three women at a time, though each was always aware of it. Met my wife shortly after school and have been together since. There have not been any jealousy issues with triads and that's our general preference. I've never looked for another "just for me"...this one has just kind of fallen in our laps. And shouldn't even really say "fallen" because that hasn't happened. It's been lightly discussed at best. She (wife) hasn't shown any jealousy which does not surprise me, but she has expressed concern. Now, in her defense, it did come out during a pretty stressful run for her (work deadlines, pending remodel, etc with this popping up).

I guess just looking for any guidance you may have to share. Experiences. Things to look for and how to head them off early. I have no interest in losing my wife nor making her uncomfortable, but also do have interest in possibly pursuing this.

Side note (and this is important...just slipped my mind). She has heavy sub tendencies and has tossed around the idea of asking me to be her Dom. She has masochistic tendencies. I am not a sadist, but am Dom by nature and able to provide for her masochistic needs (we have explored it before together in non-sexual ways).

Anyhow, that's kind of the basics. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll be happy to answer.
Born '78 and '79, met in '97, married in '02. He's straight, she's bi, triad preference.
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