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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hey RP,
When sexuality finally becomes as accepted as ribs and burgers these questions (finally) go away. Because sexuality is every bit as normal a part of the human experience as eating. And whether your hunger is for 1 burger or 4, with or without condiments is based on your own needs.
I get this concept, I occasionally 'preach' this concept. SO WHY is it that poly-sex-parties don't equate in my mind. I think that is the question at hand - correct me if I'm mistaken.

Topic for discussion, because it is a mindset.

I'm thinking that if you look at a poly-sex party and a swingers house party that only close friends have been invited to, that they would look the same to 'unknowing' people. I have been in both worlds, I speak of this from my experience and maybe that is why when the poly folks involved with a sex-party point their fingers at the swingers with really close play partners I tend to shake my head and wonder why we all can't just get along.

Maybe that is why it is so disagreeable to me - not the fact that it is a polysex party but that some may judge it as better then swinging. LABELS LABELS I know we need them and I hate them.

my rambling has ended, perhaps others have better verbage and insight then myself but this is my point of view.
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