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Another thing worth considering is that maybe he doesn't want to meet you NOW, but that doesn't mean he won't feel differently at some point in the future. Some people need more time than others for whatever new things they have to get used to. It's like grieving over the death of someone important to you. You don't say, "ok the funeral's over, time to stop feeling sad."

Yet another thing to consider is, you might offer to be "arm's-length" acquaintances. Meaning, become friends on facebook so you can check each other out (if you are on facebook) - and i would say it just like that "how about we friend each other on fb so we can check each other out, lol". That way, not only do you get an idea of what the person is like (i said "like", get it? Tee hee), but you have a way of contacting them if something important comes up. My Spouse's other partner and i still haven't met in person, but we communicate on fb, and they have been together for over a year.

Of course, none of this is useful to you if the other guy continues to insist on what is essentially don't-ask-don't-tell.
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