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Originally Posted by sortafairytale View Post
Annabel- Don't apologize ever for how you feel. Whether I agree or not with what people say I completely respect their right to say it! It gives me a chance to look at things from other angles other then my own. FYI love reading your blog and your replies. Your words always sorta gave me the opportunity to see things as Giggles might.
Aw, thanks, that's nice to hear, and I respect your attitude.

I suppose, then, I'll say one more thing that was on my mind. The title of your thread actually encapsulates the problem for me. A horse is a cool, beautiful, strong, useful animal. Trying to make it into a unicorn (whether it's the "rider" or the horse itself that has the idea) is just going to lead to frustration, feelings of inadequacy, and the squandering of the really cool opportunity to enjoy the horse for the awesome thing it is!
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