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Annabel- The both or nothing reaction was more out of shock she actually said him then anything. I had come to both of them several times since I've been feeling left out about them branching off without me and her and I trying to focus on just our friendship only. Both of them said no it wouldn't feel right. I encouraged them even more by setting up a day where they could be alone while I was at work thinking that if I gave them a chance that they would see they could work without me. Still both said no. Maybe I should have mentioned all that in the beginning but I was starting to get long winded and tried to just wrap it up.

It doesn't really matter any more. Giggles beat me to the chase and last night called and broke up with Nails and I over the phone claiming we didn't give her enough affection and attention...not sure where she's getting that from but if that is how she feels it's how she feels and I'm sad that we didn't give her enough even though we felt like we were giving her everything. I offered Nails again the opportunity to have her on his own and he refused stating that most of what he was feeling was for the three of us and not just her so he would let things end how they are. He also admitted that over the last month he has been trying to figure out how to end things with her without hurting both her and me. So there we have's over and while I'm saddened by it, heartbroken by it, I know relationships end. I just want her to be happy with or without us.
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