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Thanks FoL and nyc! I like blogging here, it helps me focus on things, and I often find that putting the things that happened into words (in a language that is not my own) helps putting my life in perspective. But sometimes is is nice to hear I am not only talking to myself

It's Ren's and my wedding anniversary today. We're going to spend the whole day together, first at a spa we both love, then home for one of our favorite dinners and a movie on the couch. This morning when we woke up I said, jokingly: "so, you want to be married to me for a little while longer?" and he looked at me and said "that is the exact same thing I wanted to ask you!" and we both laughed. Even though I enjoyed my much needed time alone, it's good to be back home with him.. we are so very much in sync, we understand each other, and it's so easy to talk to him about everything.

I just talked to my mom on the phone and she said, after I told her about the anniversary plans for today, ' Oh, and tomorrow you're going to [city where C lives] right?' I think i mentioned before we are a family of non-talkers, and her mentioning this in a casual way was pretty huge, I think. I made an extra effort telling her that Ren and I had a great day planned together, I would hate it if she thinks that we are not happy.

Very curious how my weekend with C will turn out. i'll tell him about my date with BGuy and I'm sure he has things to tell me about Molly. I hope we will be able to have fun too, not just serious and heavy conversations.
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